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Back Alley Blues - Pennant

Back Alley Blues - Pennant

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His beaded brow was bending like the mast of a beaten ship.  The waters rising, his blood surging.  His eyes darted with the desire to find some stranded survivor, someone to find him and tend to the wound that was quickly bringing the equilibrium that only God or his forces could reckon.  Bolts of shock rang through his vessel and flares went up.

The sea replied with silence.  The alley was empty once more.  The music in the distance was the hand on his head.  The baptism.  The cold water pulled him under, and he was born again.



Edition size: 50
Material:  Screenprint on 70/30 blend, wool and rayon.
Care:  Gently clean by hand or dry clean.  Air dry only.  Do not iron.
Origin:  USA

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