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Coronation - Pennant

Coronation - Pennant

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How natural is beauty?  Are some things born to be beautiful and others not, or do we simply decree it upon this or that?  Some agree most universally upon whom or what to bestow the coveted title, but many others cases come down to one’s personal opinion.

What is it that makes a certain thing beautiful?  Is it a case of mathematics?  Chemicals?  Abilities?  If a thing of beauty in turn causes harm, is it still to be deemed beautiful?  This, in turn, moves the conversation to what lies beneath.

Beauty can certainly mean the difference between throne and slaughter.  In our daily pursuit of it we will while away; bending, burning, and contorting to please others.  Does this still count as beauty if another creature can simply rise to meet the day, completely unaware of its coronation?



Edition size: 50
Material:  Screenprint on 70/30 blend, wool and rayon.
Care:  Gently clean by hand or dry clean.  Air dry only.  Do not iron.
Origin:  USA

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