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Every Day Carrie - Mercator Pocket Knife

Every Day Carrie - Mercator Pocket Knife

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Her demeanor carried a quiet calm, a tactile confidence that belied a hidden strength. Razor-sharp eyes of darkened steel could size you up and break you down. Her gaze could cut through the chaotic clutter of my life, pierce through me and on to better things.

A concealed weapon wrapped in cultivation.  That silken sheath surrounds a carbon soul.  If I had handled her with greater care, perhaps my blood wouldn’t be everywhere...


Blade length:  3.5"
Cutting edge:  3.25"
Overall length:  7.75"
Blade thickness:  .08"
Blade grind: Flat

* Please be aware of local laws regarding purchase, import, or carry of knives.  Shipper cannot be held responsible for returned/seized shipments or other consequences resulting from purchase. *

Edition size:  100
Material:  Brass handle, carbon blade.  Laser engraved.  Individually numbered.  Hand-made.  Reverse of handle features the stamped Otter-Messer logo.
Care:  Rinse and wipe clean after use.  Carbon blades will patina with use, but can also develop rust if neglected.  Keep polished with a very light coat of mineral oil or other oil of your choosing.
Origin:  Germany

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