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Luminary - Lapel Pin

Luminary - Lapel Pin

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The silver orb hangs in the heavens, casting its lunacy upon the world below. As its radiance intensifies, my thoughts unravel like the delicate threads of a forgotten tapestry, each beam weaving a web of bewildering confusion.

The night, typically a sanctuary of quietude, now reverberates with the echoes of my tormented mind. The full moon, once a celestial companion, now seems a malevolent force, stirring a tempest within the recesses of my sanity. Shadows dance in grotesque patterns, and the once-familiar contours of reality blur into a phantasmagoria of uncertainty.

The clock ticks with a distorted cadence, and the very fabric of my tapestry unravels beneath the moonlit madness. In this nocturnal descent, I grapple with the ephemeral boundaries between sanity and the bewitching allure of lunar delirium.



Edition size:  50.  Individually numbered.
Material:  Brass and enamel.
Attachment:  Flathead locking clutch.
Origin:  China

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