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Oculus Dei - Bullion Patch

Oculus Dei - Bullion Patch

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Dear reader,

As you navigate the labyrinthine complexities of life, where virtue walks a delicate path, let the unwavering sentinel of vigilance stand guard against the subtle and insidious advances of vice. Materialism, that cunning serpent of human desires, whispers promises adorned in glistening gold, a siren song luring the unsuspecting into perilous realms of excess and indulgence.

Safeguard your virtue, for in the shadows lie the treacherous pitfalls of unbridled desires and heedless gratification. Let vigilance be not just a fleeting moment but a constant companion, a guiding light illuminating the intricate path to moral rectitude. In the face of materialistic allurements that entice and beguile, let your vigilance be the unwavering force that steers you away from moral compromise and towards the sanctity of noble principles.



Edition size:  25
Material:  Metallic bullion wire, thread, 100% cotton backing.
Care:  Gently clean by hand or dry clean.  Air dry only.  Do not iron.
Attachment:  Sew onto your favorite bag or garment.
Origin:  India

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