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Omnes Una Manet Nox - Bullion Patch

Omnes Una Manet Nox - Bullion Patch

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Sed omnes una manet nox et calcanda semel via leti. 

"But one night waits for all and the road of death is to be tread only once."


Be strong, carry on.  As distant as we seem, the same direction we all go.
You are strong like ivy and soft like marble.
The sun will someday set just for you but for now, let you bask in its glow.



Edition size:  25
Material:  Metallic bullion wire, thread, 100% cotton backing.
Care:  Gently clean by hand or dry clean.  Air dry only.  Do not iron.
Attachment:  Sew onto your favorite bag or garment.
Origin:  India


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