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The Long Draw - Milk Glass Ashtray

The Long Draw - Milk Glass Ashtray

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I had big dreams I gently wove,
Lofty goals, boundless and strove.
But alas, a sudden gust, a cruel stroke,
Hopes ascending, in wisps of smoke.

Silent embers flicker, hopes disband,
As aspirations crumble, like grains of sand.
Once lofty castles now vanish in air,
Now consumed, bittersweet affair.

The plumes ascend, somber ballet,
Aspirations dissolve, and drift away.
The smoky remnants echoe of desire,
A lament for dreams that once soared higher.



Edition size:  50
Material:  Milk glass.
Care:  Wash by hand only and avoid abrasive pads.  Do not place in oven or on stovetop.  Do not place hot dish on cold or wet surfaces.  Microwave safe.
Origin:  Thailand

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