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Through and Through - Pewter Flask Gift Set

Through and Through - Pewter Flask Gift Set

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My Sweetest Sip,

By evening’s cold and quiet tones, I extend my sentiments to you. A symphony of spirits sings my name, casting its warm embrace ‘round my weary soul. Your nuanced taste, a journey suspended in time, becomes a remedy to the strains of the day.

In the dusty parlours where silence reigns, you eloquently whisper tales of forgotten joys and dreams. You are more than libation; you are a companion to the introspective wanderings of my dizzy mind. In your amber embrace, I find solace, warmth, and kindred spirit.

Forever yours…


2.25”x5" (includes cap).  3oz. capacity (travel safe).

Includes Old Sport branded gift box with black velvet pouch and stainless funnel.

Edition size:  50
Material:  Pewter, machine engraved.  Individually numbered.  Hand-made.
Care:  Before each refill, hand wash with warm, soapy water and rinse.  Do not store spirits long term.  Not for use with effervescent mixers.
Origin:  England

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